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Participating in the 10 Week Rebuilding Series

How Soon is Too Soon for Rebuilding?

This is a question we sometimes hear from prospective people going through the challenges of a relationship ending. Many wonder when the right time is to begin healing and participating in a 10-week Rebuilding Series.

It’s never too early to begin rebuilding your life. Starting over is challenging in so many ways and by committing to Rebuilding your life step by step, you’ll find it’s likely that you won’t struggle for long.

Unfortunately, most people stop their process before it even starts.

It isn’t easy to allow ourselves to feel our emotions, so most people try to numb them away. Instead of reaching out for support, they prolong their suffering and remain locked in a “holding  pattern.”  As a result, they get stuck in anger, resentment, grief, loneliness, depression and a perpetual state of being the victim.

If we are physically injured, we would immediately seek medical care. Going through the loss of a relationship is arguably more profound and painful than most physical injuries. It requires a lot of support, adjustment and information. We had an identity as being married or having a partner and now we need to go through a prolonged period to “re-identify” ourselves.

I’ve have had some group members begin our 10-week Rebuilding Series within days of their relationship ending; others have waited until the pain of coping on their own was just t0o much to deal with. Wherever you are in your journey, by the end of 10 weeks, with the support and encouragement of facilitators, volunteers and class members, everyone who attends does a great deal of healing. You’ll regain your sense of humor and optimism and you’ll develop a new sense of stability.

When there is a significant wound, physical or emotional, the time to begin the healing process is now.

Consider taking our complimentary self-test to discover where you are on the path to emotional healing and well-being.

Please call me, Nick Meima, at any time, to talk about where you are on your path. I’d really like to help ease your transition.

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