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The online Rebuilding Seminar

Our 10 week course is a complete seminar to help you quickly return to a life of happiness.

What is the Online Rebuilding Seminar?

A Proven System To Heal, Grow, and Learn

A divorce has been described as a nuclear bomb going off in your relationship. It affects everything. This seminar addresses these essential but common issues that over 2,000 people have used to rebuild their life.

A Step-By-Step Process To Letting Go

Discover how to put down your anger and uncertainty using a combination of live discussions, reading, and homework. Each week different aspects of rebuilding your life are addressed.

Tools to help you understand yourself better

We used research-based assessments to help you identify your current emotional state both before and after the course. These assessments will provide you with an understanding of who you are.

Learn powerful communication

When you understand how to share your anger and communicate in a powerful but honest way you can change relationships for the better. 

Here's how you will REBUILD your life

The Rebuilding Seminar is divided into two 5 week sessions. The first 5 weeks are to process the relationship that you are grieving. The second five weeks are to learn about how to grow from the experience and understand how to not repeat the past.

The first 5 weeks

Sessions 1 to 5 focus on your healing and recovery from a committed relationship loss; whether through a divorce, break-up or death.

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A practical overview of the process from fear to freedom. (See the Building Blocks). Understand that when a relationship ending occurs most of us feel overwhelmed and often devastated. We will spend most of the class time focusing on how to use our “power” by focusing on what we can change and learn in order to gain emotional strength, stability and resiliency.

Clarifying what behaviors work for us, and which behaviors are maladaptive. We will then highlight how to emphasize what works and how let go of what doesn’t.

Relationship ending involves many losses.  With each loss, there is grief. In class three we will learn about healthy ways to deal with grief and loss.

Almost everyone dealing with relationship ending feels angry and some of us are infuriated. Anger is probably one of the least understood emotions. Understanding the underlying causes of anger, the varying degrees of intensity of anger, and how to express anger are the focus of week four.

Most of us have a variety of ways we hide and defend. One of the primary ways we do this is through the use of our “masks” – for example: The responsible one, the friendly one, the life of the party, the helpless one etc. The goal in week 5 is to identify which masks we tend to use and then learn how we can identify with our real or authentic self.

The second 5 weeks

Sessions 6 to 10 emphasize how to solidify and expand on the new “foundation” that was built in the first 5 weeks.

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Most of us find that with relationship ending we have a low sense of self-worth. We deserve to feel positive and good about ourselves so n this class you’ll learn practical steps that will lead to increased, sustainable, high self-esteem.

Probably no topic has been written about and talked about more than Love. Most of us don’t have a true sense of what it means to love. Relationship ending is the result of the unraveling of love. We will learn how to be a loving person—especially to love ourselves.

The ending of a committed relationship is often fraught with resentment, blame and anger. In order to move on, to create a wonderful life, we need to let go. Letting go requires deliberate effort—a process we call forgiveness. Forgiveness is not well understood, and not frequently practiced. In this class, you learn how to let go and to be able to move forward.

In the midst of trying to cope with a troubled relationship and the pain of the ending, many of us lose sight of the fact that we have a purpose beyond the relationship. In the week 8, we will delve into a more complete understanding of how to live purposefully.

We all need friends in order to create a fulfilling life. We will focus on friendship and emotional intimacy as the foundation for all future relationships. The class offers a deeper understanding of how to build friendships and create more emotional intimacy.

We all need friends in order to create a fulfilling life. We will focus on friendship and emotional intimacy as the foundation for all future relationships. The class offers a deeper understanding of how to build friendships and create more emotional intimacy.

When does the anger and grief stop?  Is it just time?

How do I move forward?

Will anyone else understand how I feel?

These are actual questions we receive from divorcees all the time.

Everyone thinks that their situation is different. That the hurt they feel is worse than others can possibly know.

Now let me ask you a question (or two)….

  • What if you really could radically diminish the anger and confusion that you feel….forever?
  • What if you could spend time with your children or ex-spouse at family gatherings and be peaceful?
  • What if you learned some powerful techniques that could bring you stability in your emotions?

That’s Why We Created our 10 week Divorce Recovery Seminar

This online class has been adapted from a seminar program that has been running for 30 years. The techniques are proven. We’ve been through it. We’ve seen the techniques make a profound impact on friends and family. 

Do NOT Wait Another Day to Start the Journey to Being Happy!

Seriously…don’t do it. 

Why wait? Anger. Loneliness, Confusion. Sadness. These are all emotions that are holding you back from being able to move forward. 

Set down the weight of these difficult emotions and feel a lightness that you haven’t felt in a long time. 

The exercises are simple. You can do the course on your smartphone, a computer, or a tablet.  


The choice is yours. 


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