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7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Image During Divorce

The first struggle which often accompanies stressful times is a poor self-image. Taking care of yourself and  beginning every day looking nice is a rare occurrence when you’re feeling emotionally shattered. It is only natural that you are going to feel sad and upset. You may have a hard time moving forward. The important thing is that you take care of yourself.

Here are 7 ways to jump-start improving your self-image:

  1. Begin a New Hobby. Consider hiking, biking, cycling, swimming, reading, dancing, cooking, sewing, crafting, painting, writing, blogging, etc. Choose something you’ve always wanted to do and which will have a positive impact on your self-image. Hobbies are a wonderful way to get out of the house and interact with people who have the same passions as you.
  2. Exercise. A recreation class is an ideal way to get out of the house and rev up your metabolism. Working out will help you feel good about yourself while improving your health. Many workout classes are also a great way to meet new friends.
  3. Get Dressed! Men: Shave! Women: Use a bit of make-up! Your self-esteem barometer will soar! Take time to care about what you look like by making the effort to look good every day even if you’re unsure what your plans are.
  4. Invest in a clothing subscription service. Divorce is a highly transitional time in life. It’s important to dress appropriately for every occasion – especially if you don’t feel like it. Your budget may have changed when your relationship changed and investing in a  clothing subscription service such as Le Tote can ensure you have fresh wardrobe options. Wearing nice clothing every single day will increase your self-image and how others view you, too.
  5. Maintain a healthy diet. It is very easy to visit a drive-thru to avoid cooking dinner at home. Don’t fall into this routine. Make a trip to the grocery store and seek out healthy foods you can eat on-the-go. If you don’t feel like making dinner, pick up a pre-made salad, a container of organic soup and some dinner rolls. There are healthy protein bars you can find in the natural and organic aisle, too. Choosing to eat a healthy breakfast and pack a lunch for work is an ideal way to keep costs down and improve your health at the same time.
  6. Reach out to old and new friends. Keeping in touch with friends is very important during a time of change and trauma. Haven’t spoken to a friend in a few years? The benefit of the Internet and social media is that one can feel like they still know a person they have not seen in a while due to viewing their online pictures and posts. Don’t be afraid to make contact again. Being around fresh minds and faces can shine some light on your self-image.
  7. Read a Self-Help Book. Ebooks, Nooks and Kindles have made it possible to read in a variety of inexpensive ways. If your mind wanders while reading the book, pick up another until you resonate with one.

Taking these steps to rebuild yourself after a traumatic, life-changing experience is a step in the right direction.  It takes courage and determination to move forward and as women, we have that drive. Slowly over time the wounds will heal and keeping up with your self-image is extremely important to helping those wounds heal.

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