Rebuild Your Life

Divorce has so many aspects to it. It messes with our emotions, it affects our thoughts. Grief, Anger, Guilt, Loss of Your Best Friend, our understanding of how we are. Trust. 

 Getting through it on your own is nearly impossible.

The reality is that you never were taught how to grieve, how to express your needs. 

Most people think it just takes time. In fact, if you wait for it to get better the underlying anger and issues will still be there. It turns out, the people that take the time to work through their thoughts and feelings recover. And they go on to live a wonderful life.

Graduates of our course divorcees are happier than they have ever been.

They didn’t get there by waiting to feel better. They learned to let go of the anger. They learned how to be in relationships in which there is true, healthy communication. They learned to love themselves. They didn’t do it by themselves.

The bad news is that there are lots of books and therapists telling you that they can help you. Even though they have only been through it themselves once or don’t even specialize in divorce.

The good news is that we have a program that has been running for over 30 years, for thousands of people. We know it works.

As such, all you have to do to succeed is go through our step by step process. 

And that is what the Rebuilding process will do.


Rebuilding Workshop training

The Rebuilding Workshop is a 10 week program with live video group calls, along with supplemental resources and support.

zoom call self help after divorce

In that time you will learn how to let go of the anger, the sadness and have a whole new love for your life and your future.

This course will bring you peace, joy, and satisfaction to your life so that you can live a life you love.

But make no mistake there is work to be done.

We are not promising an effortless process. 

Very little in life that is worthwhile is effortless.

However, if you are up for a challenge and prepared to do the work, then the rewards of the program can be amazing and utterly life changing.

Imagine knowing what it would be like to be living a wonderful life, every day being a blessing and a joy to experience. 

Let’s talk about what is included:

Week 1

The Blocks to Healing Relationship Loss

A practical overview of the process from fear to freedom. We know that when a relationship ending occurs most of us feel overwhelmed and often devastated. Three things happen in the first class. Connect with your classmates and start to build relationships where you can share your story in a safe, supportive environment. Next we look at the upcoming process so that you understand how it will unfold. Finally, we will start to look at fear and denial – two critical roadblocks to healing. Just in this first session people find that they start to gain some emotional strength, stability and resiliency.

stairs to heaven

Week 2

Relationship Map

Relationship Dynamics

Clarifying what behaviors work for us, and which behaviors are maladaptive. We will then highlight how to emphasize what works and how let go of what doesn’t.

In this session people start to understand themselves at a level they never really realized before. We look “under the hood” at why you do what you do, and why that influenced your past relationships and will in the future unless you address them. 

Many students say this is one of the most eye-opening lessons and life changing moments. 

Week 3

Grieving the Losses

Relationship ending involves many losses.  With each loss, there is grief. In class three we will learn about healthy ways to deal with grief and loss.

Then, do one of the most powerful exercises and one that you won’t find anywhere else. 

In this lesson you will learn how to process your grief – and ANY future loss – in a very powerful way. Most people report a lightness of being after completing the exercises discussed in this class.

Heart with bandaid

Week 4

Managing and Expressing Anger

Almost everyone dealing with relationship ending feels angry and some of us are infuriated. Anger is probably one of the least understood emotions. Understanding the underlying causes of anger, the varying degrees of intensity of anger, and how to express anger are the focus of week four.

As in week 3, the release of anger opens a doorway to happiness. When you aren’t carrying the anger with you it is like putting down a 100 pound weight on your shoulders. 

three angry people

Week 5


Most of us have a variety of ways we hide and defend. One of the primary ways we do this is through the use of our “masks” – for example: The responsible one, the friendly one, the life of the party, the helpless one etc. The goal in week 5 is to identify which masks we tend to use and then learn how we can identify with our real or authentic self.

Man Arms Wide with Sun and Bird

Week 6

Building Self-Esteem

Most of us find that with relationship ending we have a low sense of self-worth. We deserve to feel positive and good about ourselves so n this class you’ll learn practical steps that will lead to increased, sustainable, high self-esteem.

Love yourself

Week 7

how can you move on


Probably no topic has been written about and talked about more than Love. Most of us don’t have a true sense of what it means to love. Relationship ending is the result of the unraveling of love. We will learn how to be a loving person—especially to love ourselves.

Week 8


The ending of a committed relationship is often fraught with resentment, blame and anger. In order to move on, to create a wonderful life, we need to let go. Letting go requires deliberate effort—a process we call forgiveness. Forgiveness is not well understood, and not frequently practiced. In this class, you learn how to let go and to be able to move forward.

In the midst of trying to cope with a troubled relationship and the pain of the ending, many of us lose sight of the fact that we have a purpose beyond the relationship. In the week 8, we will delve into a more complete understanding of how to live purposefully.

learning to love yourself after divorce

Week 9

3 men on mountain

Growing Relationships

We all need friends in order to create a fulfilling life. We will focus on friendship and emotional intimacy as the foundation for all future relationships. The class offers a deeper understanding of how to build friendships and create more emotional intimacy.

Week 10


In order to move out into the world we find out that freedom comes from acceptance. Acceptance of ourselves, and of others. When we accept our perfect imperfection we are strong. We are a force to be reckoned with. We set boundaries and stick to them, without struggle.

Students often leave our classes feeling a strength, confidence and peace that they have never known before. 

With this new found self where will you go?

compass on trail

Here's What is included

Based on the best-selling book, Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends, by Bruce Fisher.  The series has been refined over 40 years to create the most effective program for healing when a relationship ends.  The Rebuilding Seminar is designed to provide support, information and practical tools – all which will enable you to move forward with strength, clarity, and wisdom.  The goal is to help you be your best – at home, work, socially, everywhere.

  • 10 Weekly Online or In-Person Group Sessions
  • In Class Exercises to Practice the Tools
  • Weekly Homework with Review in Each Class
  • Access to a Private Facebook to Connect and Get Support from graduates and others in your class.

The Rebuilding Workshop is perfect for you if….

You are isolated and/or want to connect with others. Many students build deep and meaningful relationships with their peers.

You are ready to learn new ways of thinking, being, and feeling.

You want to be able to have live conversations with the course leader and your peers.

You can dedicate 2 hours per week, for 10 weeks to the live classes. If you need to miss one or two that is okay. You can get a recorded version of the class. 

You are coachable.

It’s important to realize that you DON’T have to be at a certain place in your divorce process. People at all stages take our programs and even people that have been divorced 10 years. 

As such it is suitable for people that want to address to address just one or two aspects of the material listed above. Students typically find out that they enjoy every single class, even material they didn’t think they needed. 

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