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5 Best Online Divorce Support Groups For 2022

Support groups are an excellent method of assisting individuals in coping with a variety of issues. From addiction treatment to helping others understand, some people just benefit more from having a community of like-minded individuals to talk to about their issues.

Divorce is one situation in which you may require a great deal of help from others. Divorce is a difficult, expensive, and complex process, and it is essential that you obtain as much help as possible. The best option is to join online divorce support groups, which are very beneficial.

Support Groups for Divorcees

People who are going through a divorce or who have just been divorced are trying to put their lives back together or rebuild your life with support group therapy sessions. Some groups are guided by trained professionals such as therapists, others are guided by ordinary individuals that just want to help. These groups may meet once a week, twice a week, or once a month, and each member tells their personal narrative and gets support from the group. 

Many people seek the assistance of these groups since, in many cases, they don’t know anybody else who is going through the same thing. People are encouraged to discuss their own experiences in the group, and each member is given an opportunity to speak.

These groups can take place in person at times, but they can also take place online at other times. This might be done through discussion boards or video chat sessions.

Divorce Support Groups


This program is geared toward women and provides them with information, counseling, and support groups when they are going through a divorce process. It is possible to obtain downloaded forms that are useful during a divorce, such as those for changing back to your maiden name and settlement agreements, among other things. This platform has a directory of hundreds of divorce support groups. They also provide resources to assist you in locating a divorce attorney that can assist you in surviving the divorce process. People may search for groups based on their zip code or by the name of the organization.


If you are contemplating divorce, are in the midst of a divorce proceeding, or are previously divorced, you are aware that it is a difficult process. Rebuilders can assist you no matter where you are in the process. The program has been around for almost 40 years. It helps people accelerate the recovery process. Thousands of people have done the program and the results speak for themselves. People let go of the past, deal with difficult feelings like grief and anger, build a new life as a single person, and learn how to have healthy fulfilling relationships. The program teaches people new ways of living, thinking, and being that they don’t know, they don’t know. You will get the assistance, skills, and actions that you can do right now to build the future you desire in order to achieve your goals.

Divorce Support Groups- Best Support Groups and Benefits

The first step toward your goal is to take the Divorce Adjustment Self-Test to find out where you are right now. You will receive a tailored report on your overall performance as well as performance in six sub-categories. The emotional roller coaster will come to a stop as soon as you begin to understand accept what has transpired and have a better understanding of the circumstances. You will emerge from this experience as a stronger individual, ready to rebuild your life. You will rebuild your self-esteem, regain your confidence, and restore your self-reliance.

Mid-Life Recovery

Mid-life Recovery assists middle-aged women and men in navigating life after divorce with their programs. They offer an online forum and parenting guidance for those who are going through a separation or divorce. Suzy Brown began hosting casual gatherings in her house after becoming divorced at the age of 33. She invited other ladies in her circumstances to join her. As soon as she regained her footing, she founded the Mid-life Recovery organization, which has been treating women for more than twenty years.

This subscription, which is referred to as the MasterPlan by Mid-life Recovery, offers access to an online library of divorce recovery tools. In addition, members have access to community forums, a guide to parenting through divorce, interviews with experts, and other benefits of membership. Members of Mid-life Recovery can choose between month-to-month and yearly payment plans, although financial aid may be available to those who contact the Mid-life Recovery staff for assistance.

Marriage Builders

Marriage Builders is focused on assisting couples in addressing challenges in their marriage, such as conflict and infidelity, through education and counseling services. It offers a wide range of information and resources, including a radio show and connections to suggested books, among other things. Relationship forums are available on the site, with subjects ranging from military weddings to dating and all in between. People who are divorced or who are contemplating divorce might join a support group that is tailored for them.

A section devoted to spirituality includes discussion boards where people may post prayer requests and participate in Bible studies with other forum users. Remember that groups are moderated by volunteers who are not qualified, mental health experts. This is vital to keep in mind. There are explicit restrictions on the website, which states that they do not permit things like harassment, rude conduct, or political messages, among other things. Users have complete control over when and how they read and create content. Because the forums are accessible to the public, it is critical that participants use a moniker that will allow them to remain anonymous.

Do something…

One of the most important things for people going through a divorce is to get support from others.  So many people suffer alone. Support groups give you perspective, understanding, and guidance that you cannot get from books, podcasts, and other “passive” information. Interacting with others going through the same situation is incredibly helpful and we encourage you to reach out for support somewhere. 

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