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Countless studies have found a causal link between divorce and lowered productivity. Without guidance and support you’ll be at the constant effect of reactivity, irritability, anxiety, and instability in every part of your life – especially at the office. These effects, if not resolved, will last many months or even years.

A survey conducted by Stanford University professor David F. Larcker in 2013, recognized that top executives feel the overwhelming emotional and psychological stress of divorce. The intensity of this stress will cause detrimental effects on your role as a leader in your company.

During a divorce, your lack of productivity, concentration, creativity, and energy will affect your judgment and ability to accurately assess and take the necessary risks for your stakeholders—putting the company, and your career, at risk.

American businesses lose $150 billion annually from the loss of productivity due to the stress of divorce.

What Will You Learn?


  • Bring focus and concentration back in to your professional role
  • Prepare for important, meetings, speeches and presentations during the most intense part of your divorce process
  • Become more stable emotionally; managing the overwhelm related to being divorced
  • Move from coping and “getting by” to growing, transforming and healing
  • Develop greater confidence in your ability to deal with day to changes and unpredictability associated with your relationship ending
  • Gain leverage in dealing with anger, grief, resentment, guilt, confusion and rejection


  • Better communication
  • Helping you stop reacting to your ex
  • Learning how the divorce process can strengthen your relationship with your children
  • Learning which thought patterns are stopping you from creating more success
  • Learning how to be more empowered in all your relationships
  • Getting support at just the right time to make today successful


We have worked with hundreds of high achievers over the last 10 years. Let us help you as well.

Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds. It Scabs All Wounds.

We’ve built the Graceful Divorce System to help you break out of the cycle of pain and loss and create a life of happiness and success.

And when you complete it, you’ll be able to successfully integrate key learnings into your personal and professional life.

We give you the skills you need to turn your divorce experience into something you can learn and grow from.

We give you the skills you need to turn your divorce experience into something you can learn and grow from. You will be able to deepen your understanding of yourself, make sound decisions, set new boundaries, create more meaningful relationships, and take charge of your life.

We work with professionals all over the world. Contact us today to start your 12-week journey to happiness.