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Hi. I’m Nick Meima, facilitator for the After Divorce Workshop.

The After Divorce Workshop is an alternative to therapy and the most successful divorce recovery program in the world.

The program is a transformational and cost-effective divorce recovery program. And the best news is – you don’t have to dig into your parent-child history, dredge up your problems, or work with your ex. This is not therapy: its about creating your future.

The program is online, small-group divorce program that uses a proven step-by-step relationship changing system to shift your focus from your past to your future.

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The program is specifically designed for people suffering from…

Are any of the above problems affecting you?

Then the After Divorce Workshop can be a BREAKTHROUGH for you. If you want to let go of the emotions of anger, sadness, guilt, shame, or loneliness, we can should you how to do it. We walk you through every step of the process…and we guarantee you’ll get there (see guarantee below). How can we be sure? Because we’ve helped so many others that were struggling turn the corner and look forward to the future. 

Before we get into details about the program and how it’s guaranteed to help you, I want to share with you my story. The programs we offer are created from THOUSANDS of people going through the divorce. It is a program by divorcees, FOR divorcees. Here is my story:

Tragedy In My Marriage
My Story

My wife and I married in October 2003. We were young, committed to each other and in love. 

But then something happened as in all divorces, he or she wants out of the marriage. For me, it was 14 years into my marriage. I returned from a 9 day business trip overseas.  She told me she didn’t want to live in the same house, she wanted a new job, and she didn’t want to be married to me. She wanted a new life, without me. We had two young boys together.

Your situation has its own storyline, but there was a moment when you knew life was going to change moving forward. A specific incident? A slow disconnect? An accumulation of years without intimacy? Arguments? Infidelity?

We tried marriage counseling. We looked at how we communicated, or more accurately, how we didn’t communicate. I was desperate to find a solution. My wife wasn’t. She wanted out.

So we started the process of separating our lives. I didn’t understand why this was happening to me. I wanted to work on it yet I knew it was for the best. 

I numbed myself to get through the pain and hurt. I carried on for the sake of my boys. 

And there I was, in this new world that I never expected. Hurt, angry, sad, confused, numb. I knew I was in a bad place. But I didn’t know where to turn. This was uncharted territory for me. 

I read books. I talked with friends. I dated. I learned to really like whiskey. I played video games. I went on vacation. Nothing helped. I still felt like shit.

Maybe this is just my new normal? I tried to convince myself that it would just take time. You tried that too, right? Obviously that doesn’t work.

Finally I had a breakthrough. I dealt with the sadness and anger. Head on. I looked at what happened in my marriage and resolved to not make the same mistakes again. I was determined to not be a serial divorcee. Not only have I done that but I am in a relationship that is deeper and richer than I ever thought possible. We talk about the hard stuff. We share our deepest fears, our vulnerabilities and we support each other.


to deal with the emotions, to process why you feel the way you do, and how to create healthy, supportive relationships. If you do this RIGHT, you will fill more peaceful, confident, and excited about your future. Slowly but surely you will feel like the person you want to be. 

Now you’re probably wondering, “How do I let go of the emotions that plague me? What ….? And what …?”

That’s EXACTLY what we’ll teach you. That’s exactly what this program is about. You’ll learn how to neutralize your problems and reconnect, and you’ll learn to do that despite the …., your…, even …  Let me be more specific. Here’s what you’ll learn when you join the After Divorce Workshop…



Book, FDAS, Survey, Prep for Class 

Give yourself a few days



The Rebuilder Mountain, Denial, and Fear

CH 1, 2, 3



Behaviors: Mal-adaptive and Adaptive

CH 4, 5, 6



Understanding it, your history, expressing it

CH 7, 8



How we respond, underneath it, expressing it

CH 9



How do we hide and defend ourselves? How to be authentic.

CH 9



High vs Low, Practices, The Judging Critic




The Spectrum, Turning Inward, The Definition

CH 14, 15, 16



Forgiveness, how to create and live with purpose.

CH 10, 11,12



Understanding it, your history, expressing it

CH 18, 19



Authenticity, creating intimacy and friendships

CH 20

It would have been nice to know this BEFORE you went through divorce, right? Well, it’s NOT too late. In our experience, it’s never too late. Truly. Never. If you think you don’t need it or you will just get over it listen to Jamie’s story below and hear how she thought she was “fine”.

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Jamie’s Story

Jamie is a mother of two. She is a teacher. She was married for more than 15 years. It was not a healthy marriage. In the last 2 years she started realizing she needed to get out for her sake, and her kids sake.

The bottom line is this – if you’re willing to learn ways of…. and if you’re willing to apply what we teach you to your situation, then the After Divorce Workshop can work for you. 



We want to CAUTION YOU about one thing and be totally upfront. This is NOT a quick fix program and it is NOT therapy. We’re not going to promise that if you register today you will be healed tomorrow (don’t believe anyone who makes such a promise). We’ll get you the book and workbook so that you can begin the healing process today, but it’s going to take at least 4 weeks and real effort for you to climb your way out of the emotional hurt. But if you put in the time and effort, we’ll show you step-by-step how to transform yourself. It won’t be overnight, but the results will last you a lifetime.


Here’s what you get when you join the After Divorce Workshop

10 Live Calls

A sequential delivery of training and insights so relevant you’ll feel we designed them for YOU. You’ll learn exactly what to do to … and how to apply the After Divorce Workshop skills to your situation. (These calls take place on a LIVE call). You don’t have to go anywhere. You just phone in or join the live video call. And there’s no extra charge.  Can’t make it to the live call or want to listen again? A recording of the call is sent so that you never miss the information.

Solutions Library

A sequential delivery of training and insights so relevant you’ll feel we designed them for YOU. You’ll learn exactly what to do to … and how to apply the After Divorce Workshop skills to your situation. (These calls take place on a LIVE call). You don’t have to go anywhere. You just phone in or join the live video call. And there’s no extra charge. 

Workbook and personal journal.

This is where the rubber meets the road…where you’ll learn to put ideas into practice. Roll up your sleeves and dive into assessments, assignments, and “to-do” exercises. You’ll be amazed at the results of your efforts based on these assignments. There’s almost 100 pages of insights, practices and journal entries that serve as the perfect companion to the 10 week program. 

Large group of people

Support Group

Join your peers that are going through the same issues. Hear their stories, ask for advice, offer your support, and make new friends.  This is where you can reach out and share with others in a private, supportive environment. You will hear stories of others and realize that your fears are not unusual. You can see how others handled their similar situation. 

Free Rebuilding Book

Over 1 MILLION copies sold. This is the definitive book on rebuilding your life after divorce. It is used as a foundation of the program. Written over 35 years ago it is still packed with useful information. 

5 “Homework” Assignments

These assignments will help you get clarity on what happened, why, and how to move forward. They provide you will skills that you can use over and over in future relationships as well.

Implementation Schedule

Each week builds on the previous week and gives you a chance to learn and process the 20 aspects of rebuilding your life. 

Adjustment Assessment

We provide a proven assessment that gives you a clear indication of where you are and what you need to work on. It is taken at the beginning of the program and again at the end. You can see your progress in just a very short period.

Members-Only Website

What if I miss a meeting? No problem. All the teleconferences are recorded and you can listen to the recordings from your members-only website or download them to your smartphone, iPad or any listening devices. This is also where you’ll find your Solutions Library (referred to above).

Members Dashboard

And remember, it all happens from the

Privacy of Your Home

Regardless of where you are in the divorce process…if you want to relieve your pain and thrive in your life . . . this is your chance! The After Divorce Workshop is more effective AND less costly than counseling and significantly more comprehensive and personal than any self-help book, kit, or other online program. 



1st CLASS 


Sundays starting 

December 23

5-7 PM MST


Mondays starting 

February 3

6-8 PM MST
Registration open until February 17

Sundays starting 

March 8

5-7 PM MST

Registration open until March 22

All of the Workshops are conducted via telephone or your smartphone and begin at the time listed above. It’s a simple phone call or weblink, you never have to go anywhere, and there’s no extra charge.


Here’s how it works

The online course is 10 weeks long. Classes start every 5 weeks. Classes are on the same night each week. We have classes on Sundays at 5pm MST or Mondays at 6pm MST. Each class is 2 hours long. 

Each class is limited to 8 participants!


Here’s what you get in the course!


Jen thought she was over the anger and sadness of her divorce. She was surprised ot find there was more and could finally be in a ‘healthy’ situation with her ex-husband.

Jamie was in a very dysfunctional relationship for a long time. She said “Til death do us part”, until she couldn’t take it anymore. Now she is a thriving, happy mother of two that learned that she is strong and that she can handle anything. 

Carl and his wife had two boys. He was married 27 years. They tried counseling. He read self-help books: How to fix himself, how to fix his marriage. It helped a little. But he kept running into people that said. You need to take Rebuilders. So he did. And that is when his life changed dramatically.


Holly wasn’t sure there was life after her marriage when it ended.  The loneliness and struggle were almost unbearable until she learned the best way to move forward from her pain.

Weekly with Nick

Rebuilders Online Course

(A $10,000 Value)

The Rebuilders program changes people lives. It can take people from one of the hardest times of their life into living the life they have always wanted to live. It provides people with skills for communication that they never learned before. It gives people essential understanding of themselves and others so that they can be in control of their feelings and emotions, rather than being subject to what others say or do. It provides a roadmap to healthy relationships. It helps release the anger, sadness, and confusion that people get in divorce. 


We could charge thousands of dollars for it. Many students have said it is worth more than anything they have EVER done. 

But we don’t want to. We want to make the world a better place. The world needs to come together. We need understanding, compassion, grace, and love more than any other time. 

We want the Rebuilders program to be accessible to everyone

We know that when parents are happy, kids have a better chance of being raised in a healthy, nurturing environment. We know that kids that are caught between parents in a divorce that they will have issues FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE. We don’t want that to happen. We want to break the chain of kids with childhood trauma. 

After Divorce Workshop

Weekly with Nick



One-time cost





Three payments



Sign up NOW

One -time cost

100% Guaranteed

Three payments of $177

100% Guaranteed

If, after all that we have offered above, and you are still unsure if this class will work for you. Let us set up a time to talk. We are here to support you.

You may schedule a call with one of our facilitators to talk about our programs and what works for you.

If there is ANYTHING else we can do to help please know that we are here. 

The last thing we offer is a phone number: You can call us right now at 1 (800) 535-9027 extension 700. 

The middle is messy, but that is where the magic begins.

—  Brene Brown