Hi, my name is Kevin Van Liere. I was once in the same position you are now.

Co-Founder and Divorce Coach

Divorce is the second most challenging time in your life. First is death of a spouse. (Ironically you may be wishing that were the case). 

I was devastated by my divorce in 2017. It was debilitating. I was angry. I was sad. I was confused. For 8 months.

Then I found Rebuilders and it was a shortcut through the challenging emotions and confusing thoughts. 

It used to be available only to a select few. My mission is to bring that program to the world so that no one has to suffer alone. 

Nick Meima

Lead Divorce Coach  and Lead Course Facilitator

  • Bachelors in Psychology 
  • Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Masters in Gerontology
  • 8 years of spiritual and psychological counseling training
  • One year of training in group facilitation
  • One year training in organizational consulting
  • 20 years seeing clients in private practice
  • Cofounder of Rebuilders International, LLC and After Divorce Support

Nick is not just knowledgeable in working with people, he has also been divorced, so he knows the pain, the struggle, and the process of moving forward of building a wonderful life.


Anne Marsh

In June of 2018 her 29-year relationship, 25-year marriage, ended abruptly and unexpectedly. She was beside herself with grief, anger and resentment. Within a month, with the Rebuilder’s book in hand and on audio, she started attending Nick Meima’s week 10 Rebuilder’s Workshop online. Those 10 weeks changed her life and opened her eyes to a new possibility.

“The workshop, with its supplemental material, and the book, were my guideposts to building a wonderful life. I felt so strongly about the course I worked with Kevin and Nick to become a facilitator.”

Although her role with Rebuilder’s International is as a coach, facilitator and teacher, she is a licensed mental health professional with an advanced degree and training.

  • Under graduate degree in Social Work-BSW
  • Master’s degree in social work-MSW
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker-LCSW
  • Over 30 years’ experience working with individual, families and groups in therapy
  • Graduate of Rebuilders

Lisa Cook

Divorce and Bereavement Coach

  • Certified Life Coach 
  • Certified Parent Coach
  • Co-Founder of Rebuilders International, LLC

Lisa has experience loss in her life in profound ways when her husband passed away suddenly in 2017. Her journey is one of tremendous compassion, understanding and grief. Her book Grace, Grit, and Gratitude will be on shelves soon. 


This program has been around since the 1970s. It has been proven by thousands of divorcees. It has been refined over and over. 

No other program available offers such a dramatic improvement in a person’s emotional well being. 

There’s no circumstance or situation that we can't help with.

It’s not rocket science, brain surgery, or any other cliche you care to come up with – it’s a process, and one that will work for you.